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  • All you need to know

    All you need to know

    Just the Facts

    1. There’s no such thing as COVID. Nobody on earth has isolated it. AKA they can’t tell it apart from any other cold or flu. This is confirmed by high courts of at least 9 different countries that we know of.
    2. CDC talking to FDA in this PDF noted that there was no COVID SAMPLES to work with, so they used “characterized stocks” AKA anything they had on the shelf that would resemble COVID should COVID exist;“Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV were available for CDC use at the time the test was developed and this study conducted, assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA” from page 40 of this document between CDC and FDA
    3. Here’s further evidence of the same where someone demanded proof of said COVID though Freedom of Information ACT (LAW) and the answer was “We don’t have any such records of so called COVID” Click here for PDF
    4. The PCR Tests were not designed as a screening test. That is, they cannot tell if someone “has something or not”. All they do it analyze what you put in front of them. So if you wanted to analyze a tree bark for example, you could do so. And as Nobel Prize winner, Dr Kary Mullis (creator of PCR test) said; “Everything is connected, so of you want to find “tree bark cells in human cells, you could likely find that too”

    more Videos of Dr Mullis

    he spoke out about Anthony Fauci and “died” August 7, 2019. The Woohan Flu was *announced to the world December of 2019.

    *(because if they didn’t tell us, nobody would have know there was anything different)

    The President of Tanzania

    was among the first to publicly announce this;

    He tested fruits, animals, even motor oil, sent in the samples, gave them human names, most came back positive. Shortly after making this public speech he “died” March 17, 2021 and was replaced by a Muslim Woman who was indoctrinated in Klaus Schwab’s “World Economic Forum”

    And he’s not the only one. In fact anyone in a position of power who spoke out against the fake tests or about the killer “vaccines” was also silenced;

    More Dead Presidents

    Brandy Vaughan

    was a Merck Pharmaceutical Exec. She used to fly around the world pushing Merck drugs to Hospitals and Medical Associations until she realized the damage they were doing.

    So she got vocal. She went on speaking engagements around the world and set up the website This was her last video before her 10 year old son came home from school to find her lying dead on the floor. Watch this. Very creepy indeed.



    Video Channel

  • Well here we are

    Well here we are

    So to begin with, I’m Canadian. I had several websites hosted with web hosting “service”. I was all about supporting Canadian business and this company was located in Canada. Bad Mistake.

    They get you in the door with a low price so I signed up for 3 years and had just renewed for a further three years. (Now paid up till 2024)

    Their plans claim they are “unlimited” and have “free 24/7 tech support” however they started giving me the gears telling me all these things I had to do in order to maintain the account because they said I was using up too much bandwidth on their servers (on the unlimited account) They sent me a whole list of things that I, as a customer should not have to do. Programer things that were way above my pay grade. None the less, I followed their instructions to the letter but they checked and apparently I was still using up too much web space or bandwidth or whatever, like Im Jeff Bezos or something right? Hardly anyone visited my websites really and they couldn’t even prove that I was using up resources.

    Then they said regardless what I did, “unfortunately, you will have to upgrade (from personal to business” account, which I did.

    Next they tried to sell me on “PAPPA CARE” which is $60.00/month so that their programers would look after this for me. So I said, “if your expert programers cannot fix said problem (which there never was any problem) within 10 minutes, 2 hrs 2 days, 3 weeks, what makes you think they will be able to “fix it” over a period of months? They saw my point and I agreed (like an idiot) to pay them 60.00 for one month to fix the non-existent problem, just basically to SHUT THEM THE FUCK UP. So things quieted down for a while BUT THEN…

    Not good enough. Again they hit me with the list of things to do, along with the threat, if you don’t follow these things, “unfortunately, we will be suspending the account tomorrow” (actual words) No warning, just do this two days work before tomorrow or we shut you down. I begged for an extension, which they allowed me a further week to “do the work” which I did, and AGAIN, at the LAST MINUTE, they said sorry, but you are still using too much whatever and if you don’t upgrade to xyx plan, (4x as much as what I was paying) “UNFORTUNATELY we will have to suspend the account” which they did! ALL MY WEBSITES GONE! Which ALSO FUCKED UP MY EMAILS!

    I had to redirect my domains, which, luckily are hosted with another company and change all my MX records etc, lots of work to redirect my emails but the websites are still all down. The domains point to various social media sites for the time being but some of these sites like I had been developing since I smelled a rat in late 2019, early 2020. There was a TON of content on those pages, not to mention loosing some devote followers I had that did read my content. I did save my account before they closed it and now I’m looking into legal action against them.

    Through some research, the company employees some 100 people and has revenues from 5 million to 30 million depending what you read.

    The only reason I can see why they would try to hard to fuck me over was because of my content.

    Im exposing the truth. Truths that the satanic left don’t want exposed. Computer geeks are typically young and the young generation typically votes left because they have been indoctrinated into the communist ways by schools, right from kindergarten all the way though to Colleges and Universities. This is what I was exposing.

    The entire internet is being censored now. We know how youtube deletes things they don’t like. We know how facebook deletes things, strangles your viewer reach, like years ago when I had several facebook accounts with over 10,000 friends and followers, I used to get 1000’s of likes, dislikes, comments etc. That all dropped to just a few people seeing my posts so I left. Zuckerman vowed he would “get rid of all the conservatives before the Trump election” which he did.

    In Canada there is Bill C11 which will make our internet like the Chinese internet where they only get to see what the Government deems fit. Internet content producers in China have to be Licence by their government and can only say good things about the Commies. If they stray from that, they get their license pulled which is a living for many of them. Facebook is messenger and back in the day, I actually got banned for sharing a link on what was supposed to be private one on one messenger but FB jumped in and said “you can’t share this link because it goes against FB policies” and they banned me for 30 days! So they admitted they not only monitor your posts but also your so called private messages! So FUCK FACEBOOK! There are lots of alternatives!

    Google (which is also youtube) is also doing their part censoring the Internet;

    So here we are, building I Want The Truth website from scratch.

  • New World Order Summary

  • One Media One Voice One Narrative

    Selling the Plandemic

    This is a MUST SEE video from late 2019 early 2020 when “Flu Commissioner” Marc Van Ranst coached media heads on what to say to the public and how “we all need to have one voice, one message!” (4:00)

    Marc Van Ranst is a Belgian public health doctor and Professor of Virology at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and the Rega Institute for Medical Research. On 1 May 2007, he was appointed as Inter ministerial commissioner by the Belgian federal government to prepare Belgium for an influenza pandemic.

    Controlling the media since the 50s

    Canadian Trucker Convoy Super Special – Our Youth Exposing the Media in Canada!

    Very well cut video. It’s encouraging to see some of our youth “getting it” being able to cut though the bullshit.

    You know, in today’s world, a good university course would be just that, “Learn to Cut Through the Bullshit of Today and Seek the Truth”

  • Money


    July 30 2021

    Not only they want us to have one Global Currency but IT WILL BE PROGRAMABLE and TIED to your Chinese Social Credits Score (SCS).

    AKA, eat too much this month, you won’t even be able to spend your own money on FOOD!

    Drive too much? No more gas for you till next month (IF your SCS permits it) etc

    Catherine Austin Fitts

    Catherine Austin Fitts is an American investment banker and former public official who served as managing director of Dillon, Read & Co. and, during the Presidency of George H.W. Bush, as United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing.

    Revealed: Central Bank Digital Currency Plan

    Lynette Zang, ITM Trading



    the Solution




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